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Photoluminescent exit sign
Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Permex/Tritium exit sign
Permex/Tritium Exit Signs

Exit sign Attribute Chart
Attribute Comparison Chart

Tritium Phosphor exit sign Datasheet
Permex/Tritium Datasheet

Tritium Phosphor exit signTritium Phosphor exit signTritium Phosphor exit sign

The Merit Lighting PERMEX P-180 series incorporates virtually fail-proof tritium/phosphor technology. The system has been used for years in aviation and also in military and manned space applications where reliability is absolutely essential.


Each light source is internally coated with phosphor (ZnS) and filled with tritium (H3) gas. As the gas decays into helium, low energy beta particles are produced which strike the phosphor causing it to luminesce.

  • No Wiring
  • No Lamps to continually replace
  • No Batteries or Chargers to maintain and replace
  • No Electricity cost
  • Easily Movable as paths of egress change

The P-180 Series is U.L listed and conforms to U.L. Standard 924

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