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The Merit Lighting PL-924 Series Photoluminescent Exit sign uses a class of newly developed phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark) pigments which are based on Strontium Oxide Aluminate chemistry.   They are drastically different from conventional phosphorescent pigments that are either based on Zinc Sulfide or on radio-isotopes for their self-luminous properties.

Photoluminescent exit sign office installation
  • Afterglow period is 10 times current ZnS based phosphorescent pigments
  • Initial afterglow brightness is up to 10 times greater than current radio-luminescent or standard ZnS photoluminescent pigments
  • Free of hazardous and radioactive substances

These pigments glow virtually all night long.1

  • No Wiring
  • No Lamps to continually replace
  • No Batteries or Chargers to maintain and replace
  • No Electricity cost
  • Easily Movable as paths of egress change

The Merit Lighting PL-924-75 Series conforms to U.L Standard 924, 9th edition, 02/24/2006


1Time to extinction, defined as emission levels of 0.32 mcd/m² or below, is 2000 minutes when excited with a D65 light source at 200 lux for 4 minutes.

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