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Photoluminescent exit sign
Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Permex/Tritium Exit Sign
Permex/Tritium Exit Signs

Attribute Chart
Attribute Comparison Chart




Both Photoluminescent and Tritium/Phosphor technologies share attributes including:

  • No Wiring
  • No energy consumed
  • No Batteries or Chargers to Maintain
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Total Reliability
  • Easily Relocated Should Path of Egress Change

The primary advantage of photoluminescent technology is that the code life is not limited to a finite number of years and radioactive disposal is not an issue.  Another advantage of photoluminescent technology is that of lower cost v. tritium.


The primary advantage of the tritium technology is that ambient illumination is not required.  They can operate in total darkness for their entire code life.


Either choice provides an architecturally aesthetic design.  Both universal directional arrow and mounting kits are shipped standard.   There is no need to specify at the time of order.


Both products conform to the most recent U.L. Standard 924 - Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment.

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